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Top 10 Process Improvement Lessons Learned: BD, Capture Management, Proposal Management/Development

Based on nearly 37 years of Federal Government contracting experience, from both the Government and Industry Business Development (BD) & Operations perspectives, Plan To Win, Inc. brings you the most common trends in areas for improvement in BD, Capture, and Proposal Management and Development processes, providing pitfalls to avoid and strategies to apply for winning Federal Government contracts. That’s forty (40) hot tips you don’t want to miss!

Here’s a preview of the #1 process improvement lesson learned in each of these critical disciplines:

#1 BD Process Improvement Lesson Learned:

Make the proper investment in time and resources to support the full BD lifecycle.

#1 Capture Management Process Improvement Lesson Learned:

Know the six keys to winning any bid, and continuously assess your Probability of Win (Pwin).

#1 Proposal Management Process Improvement Lesson Learned:

Carefully shred ALL solicitation documentation to support the bid/no bid decision, understand/interpret requirements, develop questions for clarification, and identify resource and proposal needs.

#1 Proposal Development Process Improvement Lesson Learned:

Structure your proposal to ensure a compliant response – providing what the RFP instructions ask for, in the order it is asked for.

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