Proper planning is 100% essential for your business to succeed.

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Every business vision needs strategy and action to succeed. 

Our goal at Plan to Win is to help clients like you grow your business and win contract awards through proper planning.  Whether it's helping you develop your strategic vision and roadmap, identifying strategic business opportunities, preparing pre-RFP win strategies and campaigns, or performing proposal planning, we help you get ahead of your competition.


  • Are you too busy with day-to-day operations?  Is it difficult to focus on your company's future when you are consumed with the challenges in the here and now? Then let us help you keep your vision alive to grow and develop new business while you focus on current operations.  We will not only help you develop strategic plans, opportunity pipelines, capture plans, and win strategies, we will help you monitor, control, and execute these strategies and plans to achieve results. 

  • How well do you know your competition? We perform in-depth competitive analysis and "Black Hat" assessments to help you gain new perspectives on how you stack up against your competition and how to address any weaknesses with your bid before an RFP is released. Then we help develop and execute a recovery strategy so that you can move ahead of your competitors to win more bids.

  • Do you know what keeps your customers up at night?  Understanding your customer's requirements is key to winning contract awards, but you also need to identify specific customer pain points and challenges to give you the winning edge.  We  help identify what's important to your customer beyond their stated requirements, then provide solution development support to describe how your capabilities and experience can solve your customer's problems.

  • Do you need assistance developing winning proposals?  Our proposal development services, including writing and review support and past performance library development, help you deliver compliant and compelling proposals to win contract awards. We also help you respond to requests for information (RFIs) and sources sought notices (SSNs), and develop white papers to support opportunity shaping.

  • Could your services and products get a boost from more exposure?  We can help develop marketing materials, branding and marketing campaigns, and communications plans. We provide content to help you develop and maintain a presence on the web and through social media channels. By developing influential messaging and targeting audiences across the most appropriate channels, we help increase your brand recognition.

  • Do you need an outside perspective to evaluate your current business development processes? We perform process assessments and deliver actionable recommendations based on our insights and observations to support business process improvements.


Our flexible hourly rate for services and flat fee pricing for products provides you with options to start to Plan to Win!

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