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RECAP: Top 10 Proposal Development Process Improvement Lessons Learned

(1) Structure your proposal to ensure a compliant response – providing what the RFP instructions ask for, in the order it is asked for.

(2) Develop responses without “parroting” the requirements.

(3) When asked for an approach, provide “how” the work will be performed, not just your experience.

(4) Substantiate all claims with quantifiable metrics and proof points.

(5) Responses between sections / volumes should be consistent where the same information is presented.

(6) Responses should be well written and edited.

(7) Provide responses that are tailored to the instructions and requirements, instead of irrelevant boilerplate text.

(8) Develop responses without including too much technical information or too many unimportant details.

(9) Write the response to the evaluator and address the evaluation criteria (Section M).

(10) Provide compelling reasons as to why the Government should award the contract to your company (win themes).

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