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RECAP: Top 10 Proposal Management Process Improvement Lessons Learned

(1) Carefully shred the RFP.

(2) Conduct a bid / no bid review.

(3) Develop your schedule with the end in mind.

(4) Allow at least 10-15% of the proposal response period for planning, before the proposal kick-off meeting is held.

(5) Establish and enforce ground rules for daily stand-up meetings.

(6) Develop volume templates / outlines that are compliant with Section L for ease of evaluation.

(7) Provide guidance / training for writers – don’t assume they know how to write proposals and/or compliant responses.

(8) Assign roles to each reviewer and conduct in-briefs / out-briefs for Color Reviews.

(9) Request a debrief.

(10) Conduct a lessons learned review.

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