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#10 Process Improvement Lesson Learned for BD - Follow Up!

(10) After you a submit a SSN/RFI response, follow up to gain customer understanding/advocacy and to perform opportunity shaping.

Too many businesses use the “fire and forget” approach when submitting a SSN / RFI response, just waiting to see what will happen when the Final RFP is released, and not realizing that this is the most critical time to have an influence on the acquisition strategy. This period of time also represents the handoff from BD to Capture Management.

After submitting the SSN / RFI response, perform the following BD / Capture activities:

- Add the opportunity to your pipeline (see BD Process Improvement Lesson Learned #7)

- Develop and execute your call plan

- Shape the opportunity

- Influence the acquisition strategy

- Submit questions on any draft documents that are subsequently released by the Government

- Attend Industry Day

- Initiate teaming discussions

For more information on call plans and shaping, stay tuned for Capture Management Process Improvement Lesson Learned #3. If you don’t already have an understanding of the customer environment and/or customer advocacy, then the market research phase is an opportunity to meet with the customer to gain this understanding and gain customer awareness of your relevant capabilities, experience, and socio-economic certifications.

Being proactive in positioning your company to compete and win the opportunity is a key concept in capture planning, and this positioning should start the minute you hit the send button to submit your SSN / RFI response (if not before!). Instead of thinking you’ve done all you can do for this opportunity, get ready to engage in capture management activities, and PLAN TO WIN!

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