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BD Process Improvement Lesson Learned #7 - Pipeline Management

(7) Track the opportunities being pursued in a pipeline.

Once an opportunity is identified, then it should be added to your pipeline of opportunities for tracking purposes. During regular pipeline reviews, assess each new opportunity that has entered the pipeline since the last review against your pursuit / no pursuit decision criteria. Many small businesses manage their pipelines using a spreadsheet. As long as you are tracking your opportunities in a structured manner, including the following opportunity data, then you are effectively managing your pipeline.

· Bid Search Tool Source / ID Number

· BD Lifecycle Phase

· Solicitation Number

· Customer Agency / Sub-Agency

· Opportunity Name

· Competition Type

· Role (Prime / Sub)

· Current Incumbent Prime(s)

· Total Contract Value ($TCV)

· Projected Revenue

· RFP Release Date

· Proposal Due Date

· Award Date

· Date of Last Government Update

· Pwin

· Capture Tasks / Action Items

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