Whether you are a second stage Federal Government contractor who needs to scale your infrastructure to be able to compete for prime contracts, an experienced bidder with a low or declining win rate, or a growing firm with an overworked BD, capture, and proposal staff, consider using a BD Process or Product Assessment to specifically identify actionable next steps to start working smartly and efficiently to win more contract awards.


Download our BD Process and Product Assessment Fact Sheet.


  • Do you have a simple, repeatable, integrated BD opportunity management and prioritization process that is aligned with your strategic goals?

  • Is your staff focused on specific actions and tasks required to move prioritized opportunities through each phase of the BD lifecycle?

  • Does your process support informed decision making for pursuit, qualification, and bid decisions?

  • Do your capture plans include win strategies that position your company with the best possible Pwin?

  • Are your proposals structured for compliance and written to the evaluator's checklist, and do they tell a compelling story?





If not, then consider an independent process and product assessment to streamline your BD efforts and improve your overall win rate to grow your business.

Our structured, sequential, repeatable assessment approach delivers actionable results.


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